Dear Valued Customer…

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in us, and for letting us serve you. As you know, it was an unusually long, tough winter, and we all worked hard to make sure that you were warm and safe. While your gallons consumed were higher due to the extreme cold weather, fuel oil prices have dropped and have remained low.

So much for all the “experts” who used to say that oil prices will “never come down”. Prices have come down largely due to the huge oil production right here in the United States and Canada, and some believe that oil prices may remain low for the next decade or more. On the other hand, natural gas prices are expected to rise when they start exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe and Asia in the near future.

For the last three seasons, the oil that we delivered has been Bioheat fuel®, a blend of 5% biodiesel and pure low-sulfur heating oil. Bioheat fuel® has been 100% successful, providing cleaner fuel and cleaner combustion to reduce boiler problems and save you money. Whether it’s for a heating system upgrade or new home construction, Bioheat® is the best fuel for your home heating system.

The facts remain that modern Oil Heat and Bioheat fuel®, will always have the important advantages of maximum safety, maximum warmth (even in the coldest weather), and the responsive service, that only a full-service company like Cohler can provide. Remember, oil is non-explosive, and has a much lower risk of carbon monoxide exposure – clean Oil Heat and Bioheat fuel®, really do heat best !

Please Call Us This Month To Schedule Your FREE “Burner Tune-Up”

Keep your boiler running reliably and as efficiently as possible with a yearly tune-up. Free tune-ups can only be scheduled during weekdays, until September 25th. Please DO NOT wait until September to first make your appointment, since we may not have the time to do a complete job, if at all.

A reliable chimney cleaner should ALSO be called at this time, to clean and vacuum your chimney bottom, and the inside of your boiler as well. A clean boiler and chimney (and a “burner tune-up”) uses less fuel, and operates with fewer problems. Get an estimate, and remember that cleaning the chimney from the roof down, chimney caps, and liners, are usually not necessary.

Chimney companies that we have used, and been satisfied with, are:“Ray and Sons” (646) 436-0278, and for buildings over 24 units, we have also used “Benson” (718) 919-4500.

If there is any way that we can better serve you, or if you have any questions, please call us anytime. For some energy-saving tips, please check out our informative web site. Best wishes for a pleasant summer!

Ben and Allan
Cohler Fuel Oil Co.