Save Money on Heating Costs with These Do-It-Yourself Tips

Here are some steps you can take on your own to make sure your heating system is working as efficiently as possible:

  • Repair leaky hot water faucets promptly. Even a small drip wastes gallons.
  • Insulate heating pipes and heating mains in an unfinished basement or unheated crawl space. Foam pipe insulation can be used to insulate domestic hot water pipes to faucets etc. However, heating pipes must be insulated with paper-fiber-coated fiberglass pipe insulation. You may want to ask an expert for help with handling fiberglass insulation, as proper safety precautions must be taken (e.g. wearing a dust mask).
  • Radiator shutters can be opened or closed on baseboard hot water heating, and thermostatic radiator valves can also be installed to obtain even heating.

Testimonial from G.E.

“Who supplies great service? I called Cohler Fuel Oil Co. to answer a question I had about a possible problem.  In a few hours a service person was at my door to address my concerns.  Who does that?  Cohler Fuel Oil Co—that’s who. Thanks!”   — G.E.  (Flatlands)

Testimonial from M.W.

“Since you wanted to know how well we did with oil, thought I would drop a line & say “hi” as well.  We figured about 38% savings – used 490 gallons less than exact same period previous year.  Thanks again – it’s a pleasure to do business with gentlemen.”  — M.W.  (Sheepshead Bay)
(Note: the fuel savings came from our retrofit installation of a new oil burner, installed into the existing steam boiler)

Testimonial from R.W.

“It has now been over one full year since we converted from gas to oil heat. We find oil to be much cleaner and warmer, and find your service most dependable. It is refreshing to deal directly with an interested individual and a company who is reliable, courteous, prompt and interested in their customers. Looking forward to many years of your continued fine service.”   — R.W. (Brighton Beach)

Testimonial from V.P.

“I wanted to write to thanks you for your wonderful service.  Everytime I’ve called with an emergency (inevitably on a Saturday or Sunday), your men have always shown up within an hour and fixed the problem.  And done so with good humor.  As a first-time home owner and a woman who knows nothing about houses, I’m grateful I can count on Cohler Oil to help me. Thank you!”   — V.P.  (Fort Greene)

Testimonial from M.K.

“We are very pleased with your company.  You are honest, always reliable, always there for problems too. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”   — M.K.  (Flatbush)

Testimonial from E.N.

“This winter marks our 56th year connection with Cohler Fuel Oil Co.!!! Your prompt, courteous and professional expertise keeps our heating system working with optimal efficiency. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I can count on “Cohler Care” to keep us warm and comfortable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”   — E.N.  (Flatlands)


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